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Accurate Temperature and Salinity Sensors for Autonomous Ocean Exploration  

N. Brown patent for an enclosed field Conductivity Cell

Finite-element modeling to optimize cell performance
Cells can be designed in a variety of shapes with low heat capacity and low drag.

New, small, low cost, high accuracy electronic circuitry.
Self referencing transformer-based design corrects for thermal drift of components, providing very stable and low noise performance. Circuits and cells can be calibrated independently, allowing for ease of field replacement and repair.

Dynamic response tuning in WHOI “Double-Diffusive Interface Tank”
This eliminates the need for power consuming pumps and hard to flush conductivity cells.


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NBOSI was founded by WHOI Scientist Ray Schmitt, Engineer Robert Petitt and the late Neil Brown in order to make a new generation of CTD technology available for scientific and environmental monitoring. 

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